About the product -

Clarify the status of fatherhood, siblingship, or motherhood

Accuracy goes by the percentage of probability

Every test preformed twice for accurate result

Test done by the most Accredited DNA Testing Lab in the World

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Test Description –

Siblingship Tests are used to confirm or clarify the status of fatherhood, motherhood, or both. Siblingship tests are known to determine if you share the same biological father or mother through siblings. When father or mother is not available for testing, sibling ship tests are the best option for you to know the statues or your fatherhood or motherhood. Siblingship test percentage of probability based test. DNA Pride only accepts 99.9 % probability for siblingship tests. We always encourage you to add father or mother for better result. If probability is less than 90%, lab may ask you for further testing.. Our advanced DNA Testing Laboratory will provide you rapid and accurate result within 7-10 business days. 

Siblingship Tests are easy to do at home or at the clinic. However most people prefer to do at their home for comfort reasons. DNA Pride uses cheek swab as standard sample for sample collection procedure. The Kit Contains two swab cotton swab sticks, Consent form, small swab envelops and one prepaid big envelope to ship is us back. We would ask you to take the first swab and rub inside your life cheek vigorously for about 40-60 second, and then take the second swab and do the same with your right cheek.  After having enough saliva on the cotton, we would ask you to dry it out for about 40-60 second before putting back in the small envelops.  Follow the instructions on the back of the consent form. Once everything is complete, ship us back with the DNA Pride prepaid envelope. If you have any questions regarding sample collection procedure, we are always available to answer you via phone, email or in person.

Receiving a Result

Once we receive your sample, our lab will process it and we will send you result in the email you have provide in the consent form. If you have provided mailing address, we will send you a hard copy to your mailing address. 

Additional sibling and Non-standard sample policy

DNA Pride Siblingship Test offers $300 for two siblings, however if you would like to add any additional sibling or relative, there will be charge of $100 per additional sibling or relative. If sibling is not available for the testing, There are many ways testing can be done by other non-standard samples like hair, toothbrush, bone, teeth, blood sample, earwax and etc. There will be additional charge of $100 Per non-standard sample.

Fastest Turnaround time –

Our Standard turnaround time for the result is 7-10 business days; however there are express tests options are available for 3 -5 business days. If you would like to receive your result faster than the usual time, you can always go for express result option.