Frequently Asked Questions

How DNA Testing Work

Customer can order home DNA kit online. once order is taken place, we will send you a swab kit with instruction sheet inside. swab samples are easy to collect and 99.9 percent accurate. once samples are collected you can send us kit back and we can process it within 7 business days.

How to collect samples

Swab samples are easy to collect. before taking swab test, we advise you not to eat, smoke or drink for at least an hour. once you open the envelope there will be a swab stick that you have rub inside you left cheek for about 60 sec and then use another swab stick and do the same for about 60 sec. after that dry it out for about 20 minutes. place in the envelope, fill out a consent form and ship us back.

What are the other samples can be used for DNA Test

In some cases you can use hair fossil, toothbrush, bone, teeth, blood stain, ear wax to collect DNA. those are called non-standard samples. 

What is the accuracy level?

We use human saliva as standard sample, and it is 99.9 percent accurate

will my information be protected?

DNA Pride uses consent forms to protect the customers information. we do not share any customer information to anyone. samples are destroyed by the lab after being processed. 

Can someone come and collect sample from my place?

We provide 24/7 mobile services. a certified DNA associate can come to your place or any place you want samples to be collected. however we charge additional fee for that.