About Us

 DNA Pride is a Canada based company that provides wide range of DNA Testing services. We are customer oriented and provide DNA results in given standard timeframe. As a Canadian owned and operated we are leading in genetic DNA testing. we are responsible to provide timely services to our customers. Weather you are looking for DNA Tests for your personal knowledge or for the legal paternity test purposes. We are always there to support you with the best DNA solutions available to your needs.  

Making difference globally

 We can connect you to our local DNA sample collectors anywhere in the world to provide you the best possible solution in order to get your DNA Testing done globally. We are pleased to offer you various different location around Canada and worldwide. We offer mobile DNA services, which help you, get the sample collector at your own place to collect the sample around the world.  

It's easy and accurate

 DNA Pride use swab kits to collect the best possible samples. It's accurate and easy to use. swab Tests are one of the most accurate DNA collection technique in recent times that provides you 99.9% accurate results.  

DNA Results You Can Rely On

DNA Pride is a trusted mobile DNA testing centre based in Canada. We offer fast, comprehensive, accurate DNA test results in Canada, the United States and other countries.

From grand parentage and paternity to siblingship tests, we have extensive expertise and experience in conducting an array of DNA testing procedures with accuracy and professionalism. 

Our certified, trained team uses advanced technology and equipment to perform testing in state-of-the-art DNA testing labs. They follow strict safety and quality control measures all through the testing process. 

Whether you need testing for legal, personal or any other purpose, we are fully committed to providing our clients the highest levels of service. 

Client privacy is extremely important to us. All testing samples are handled with extreme care and confidentiality. Without your consent, we will not share the test results with anyone. 

Get in touch with DNA Pride for accurate, quick and smooth DNA testing.